FAQ on Cordlife Care360 Safeguard Programme

At Cordlife, we understand your needs and concerns as a parent. The Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Programme was designed to ensure we take care of your Child's and loved ones' health in the most wholistic way possible. The features below detail this committed assurance.

Our Promise of Quality Guarantee

Cordlife assures you of a matching cord blood unit or SGD$50,000 lump sum payout if the cord blood unit loses its viability at the point of an autologus haematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT).

Ensuring Long-Term Storage for Your Loved Ones

In the unlikely event that Cordlife ceases operations, we will send your baby’s cord blood to another cord blood bank of the same quality standards for continued safe storage, at no extra cost to you.

CordLife Guard

Cordlife GUARD

Financial Protection for Your Investment

Cordlife has taken added insurance coverage, to safeguard you and your family from financial loss that results from direct malpractice.

CordLife Assure

Cordlife ASSURE*

Helping You in Time of Need

Cordlife will fully cover the cost of Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) test(s)# and Colony Forming Unit Assay (CFU) when you need the cord blood unit for an approved autologous or allogeneic HSCT.
#Conditions apply.

cordlife transfer

Cordlife TRANSFER^

Ensuring Safe Delivery of Precious Cord Blood

Cordlife will take care of the medical courier cost and logistics arrangement to send the cord blood unit to anywhere in Indonesia or Singapore for a HSCT so that you can fully concentrate on giving care to your loved ones.

Cordlife Pledge

Cordlife PLEDGE*

An Extension of our Quality Guarantee

An extension of Cordlife Guarantee, Cordlife Pledge covers the replacement of a matching cord blood unit or SGD$50,000 lump sum payout if the cord blood unit loses its viability at the point of an allogeneic HSCT.

CordLIfe Secure

Cordlife SECURE^

Fully Prepared for Emergency

In the event when access to our local facility is limited, Cordlife shall make reasonable efforts to send your baby’s cord blood to Singapore or other place deemed suitable for Cordlife for processing and permanent storage. The cost of courier, additional tests and Sepax® processing as well as the difference in the upfront fee will be fully absorbed by us.

cordlife max

Cordlife MAX*

Enhancing Success of The Transplant

Cordlife uses Sepax® fully automated cord blood processing system to facilitate optimal stem cell recovery from your baby’s cord blood so that your loved ones will get more cells for maximum transplant success.

cordlife comfort

Cordlife COMFORT^

Our Way of Helping You Save Medical Costs

Cordlife will cover the cost of a HLA test for an approved autologous HSCT

*For clients storing in Singapore only. | ^For clients storing in Indonesia only. | Conditions apply.

At this moment, only clients who enrol with Cordlife from 7 September 2011 can enjoy the benefits of Cordlife Care 360° Safeguard Programme.

Once the adoptive parents receive the letter of the adoption for the child, they are will be covered under Cordlife Care 360° Safeguard Programme.

The coverage is only for one biological parent; hence the pay-out will only be based on one death.

Cordlife reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Cordlife 360°. Parents will be informed should there be any changes.

In the event of a divorce case, only the legal custodian will be covered under this programme.