Tips to relief your backaches

You may be facing occasional or frequent backaches that disturb your sleep or daily life now that you are in your third trimester with that expanding baby bump. However, the good news is that your baby is growing! It is common for most pregnant women to have lower back pain in the second half of their pregnancy.

Some of the possible reasons are weight gain, posture changes or muscle separation. Women typically gain 12 to 15 kilos of extra weight during pregnancy, and the spine will have to support that extra weight of a growing baby. Naturally, it puts more pressure on the spine, causing your lower back to hurt. Moreover, hormonal changes can cause loosening of joints and ligaments that are attached from your pelvic bones to your spine, thus can cause discomfort or pain when you walk or stand for too long.

Many mothers have gone through these problems through their pregnancy, so fret not! Here are some tips to help you stretch out that lower back pain:

Using proper posture when sitting or standing can make a difference to your backache problems. Although slouching can be a comfortable posture, but it puts more strain to your spine. So be sure to sit or stand up straight to lengthen the spine. For instance, if you are standing, try to keep your bottom tucked in and your shoulders back. Even though it can be tiring and requires some time for you to correct your posture, remember that it can help to reduce your backache over time.

A good prenatal yoga session can help strengthen and support the core muscles for the lower back. Stretching the muscles will increase flexibility, which will loosen the tightness. It could be a light exercise that can be done at home. You could also involve your partner to help you stretch and, furthermore, create good opportunities for your partner to bond with you and your unborn baby. It is always advised to consult your physician prior to starting any new or special exercise regime that requires more intense movements and physical strength.

Massages can decrease the level of stress, promote relaxation and help you to cope with discomfort from backaches. Pre-natal massage by a trained therapist may help to provide some relief for your back aching problem and they would know where the pregnant women’s sore spots are likely to be, and also the areas and techniques to avoid on the expectant mothers. It is important to communicate with your therapist your needs and if the massage and/or positioning is causing you any discomfort