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Why Cordlife
Why Cordlife

CordBlood Network

Protecting 3 Generations of Your Family With Your Baby’s Cord Blood

At Cordlife, we understand that as a parent, you did not have a chance to store your own precious cord blood. That is why, we have extended the biological insurance coverage of storing your baby’s cord blood to 3 generations of your family with CordBlood Network.

Unlike other cord blood banks that provide basic cord blood banking for only your child, CordBlood Network, a Cordlife initiated programme will assist in the search for a matching cord blood unit should the need arise for your child, his/her biological parents and biological grandparents. With CordBlood Network, you can now protect 3 generations of your family by storing your baby’s cord blood with Cordlife.

Facts about Cord Blood Banking

Chances of using stem cells

  • 1 in 217 chance that a person may need cord blood stem cells for treatment in their life time1.
  • 12 cord blood units were releases for transplants and therapeutic applications by Cordlife Group.
  • 73% of cord blood transplants by ViaCord were self-use, 27% were from siblings1.

Higher chance of finding a match within the patient’s family

  • The odds of finding a match in the same racial group is around 1 in 20.0002.
  • The procurement fee for donated cord blood in Singapore is between $30,000 and $75.0002
  • 25% chance of a 100% match between siblings. A perfect match is required for bone marrow transplants, but not in cord blood transplant3.
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