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Why Cordlife

FAQ on Cordlife LIFE Card

As a Cordlife Circle member, you will receive:

  • Updates on the advancements of stem cell therapy as well as upcoming promotions and events through our E-News
  • Exclusive invitation to Cordlife LIFE CARD events
  • Enjoy special benefits from our wide range of partner merchants. To enjoy more benefits, start advocating the benefits of cord blood banking to your expectant friends now!

Cordlife LIFE CARD members can check the latest promotions and offers from our participating merchants.

  • Cordlife LIFE CARD is available to all Cordlife clients who are residing in Indonesia. They automatically become members when their baby’s was born in Indonesia and their cord blood is successfully stored at Cordlife Indonesia or Singapore storage facility.
  • Client with 10 years and 21 years storage plan will automatically become a member of Cordlife LIFE CARD, while client with annual storage plan have to pay administration fee IDR 100K upon sign up

You may start to enjoy the privileges and discounts once the Cordlife Circle membership card is issued and sent to your mailing address around 4-6 weeks' time from your enrolment.

Cordlife LIFE CARD is intended for individual and/or for immediate family use and is strictly non-transferable. Cordlife and their merchants may at their discretion conduct membership/identity verification from time to time when it’s needed.

You will be charged a fee of IDR 100K for a replacement card in the event that you lost or damage your card. The Cordlife LIFE CARD is issued by and remains the property of PT Cordlife Persada . PT Cordlife Persada reserves the right, without prior notice, to decline the issue, re-issue, renewal or replacement of a membership card and to suspend or terminate the right to use the card. No Cordlife LIFE CARD member will be entitled to any payment or compensation whatsoever in respect of such suspension or termination.

Amend, withdraw, suspend or terminate any the Cordlife LIFE CARD membership its terms and conditions associated with its use, discount & privileges offered by its merchants, without prior notice and at the sole discretion of PT Cordlife Persada Circumstances includes:

  1. Any abuse or attempted abuse of the Cordlife LIFE CARD scheme, or
  2. Failure of Cordlife client to keep up payment with outstanding invoices and/or other administrative issues.
  3. Termination of Cordlife service by client. Upon withdrawal from the membership in this Cordlife LIFE CARD programme or termination of such membership, the Cordlife LIFE CARD will cease to enjoy all privileges and benefits conferred by this Cordlife LIFE CARD programme.

PT Cordlife Persada has in its best of its ability exercised due diligence to selecting their merchants. Cordlife shall not be responsible or liable in respect of products or services provided by merchants or any information or representations relating to such products or services nor does PT Cordlife Persada endorse or guarantee the performance or quality of such services or products.

DCR No. 1546, June 2019