Secure Storage Facility: Flexible Banking Option

Giving You Convenience & Peace of Mind with

Local Storage in Indonesia or Overseas Storage in Singapore

At Cordlife, you have the choice to decide where you want to bank your baby’s cord blood.

Whether you choose to bank with our facility in the Indonesia or Singapore1, you can be sure that your baby’s cord blood will be cared for in accordance to world-class standards.

If you choose to bank your baby’s cord blood with our facility in the Indonesia, you can save hefty courier fees and enjoy lower upfront fees at the same time. All our facilities have passed stringent quality audits conducted by globally recognised organisations. With this quality system in place, the cord blood units stored with Cordlife would be more likely to be readily accepted by any transplant physician around the world.

  • Located in Jakarta
  • Built in accordance to American Association of Blood Banks standard
  • Operates 365 days a year
  • Equipped with multiple backup systems to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power
  • Laboratory was built using fire retardant materials
  • Flood proof
  • Registered with Ministry of Health, Singapore
  • Located in Yishun
  • Successfully passed through 4 rounds of AABB accreditation, more than any other cord blood banks in the country
  • Utilises Sepax® for cord blood processing, a fully automated processing system
  • Operates 365 days a year
  • Equipped with multiple backup systems to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power
  • Flood & fire-proof
1Cordlife Singapore is now known as Cordlife Group Limited. Collectively, the company owns and operates two stem cell banks with full processing and cryopreservation storage facilities in Singapore and Hong Kong. The Company also has a strategic investment in the only cord blood bank operating in Guangzhou, China. 1Cordlife Group Limited and Cordlife Limited are separate and independent companies. Both companies are affiliated through contractual agreements for the fulfillment of cross-border customer requests. The Cordlife brand and are properties of Cordlife Group Limited.