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Cordlife Care 360°

Complimentary for Cordlife Clients

Additional Protection for Your BabyAdditional Protection for Your Baby

At Cordlife, we understand your needs and concerns as a parent. The Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Programme was designed to ensure we take care of your Child's and loved ones' health in the most wholistic way possible. The features below detail this committed assurance.

Cordlife PLEDGE

If your cord blood loses its viability at the point of a transplant, Cordlife assures you of a replacement and suitable cord blood unit or SGD 50,000 to help you defray medical costs.

Cordlife SHIELD

Cordlife provides the protection of up to a maximum of SGD 5,000 for expectant mothers from 7 pregnancy complications, or for your newborn baby up to 6 months of age, against 16 birth defects.


In the unfortunate event that a cord blood transplant is required, Cordlife provides p cover a portion of your medical expenses.

Cordlife ASSURE

We’ll cover the costs of matching (HLA testing) and viability testing (CFU assay) before a cord blood transplant to help you defray expenses.

Cordlife GUARD

We have obtained additional insurance coverage to protect you and your family from financial losses caused by any direct malpractice.

Cordlife SECURE

In the event of limited access to our facility, Cordlife will cover the cost incurred to send your baby's cord blood to another location deemed appropriate for processing and permanent cryogenic storage.

*For clients storing in Singapore only. | ^For clients storing in Indonesia only. | Conditions apply.

DCR No. : 1542, June 2019

Why do parents save their baby's umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and cord lining?

Rich source of stem cells

Your baby’s umbilical cord has the youngest and most active stem cells compared with other stem cell sources such as embryo, bone marrow, and peripheral blood.

Proven use in transplants

More than 80 diseases can potentially be treated with cord blood, and 60,000 transplants have taken place worldwide.

Untapped clinical potential

Researchers all over the world are learning how to use stem cells to treat more diseases and repair damaged tissue or organs.

Treatment options for the family

The stem cells you stored are a perfect match for your baby, and they could be used to treat other members of your family.

Readily available for a lifetime
Readily available for a lifetime

Stem cells can be kept indefinitely if they are properly stored, and you can retrieve them whenever you need them.

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International Accreditation

One of the first steps that prospective parents should take before deciding which cord blood bank to rely on, is to verify that the company is accredited by a globally recognized accreditation body in the market. Earning accreditation means a company has met or exceeded minimum quality standards to ensure patient safety during stem cell transplantation.