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Secure the healing power
of your baby's stem cells

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to store for peace of mind
against over 80 disorders.#

Why do parents save their baby's umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and cord lining?

Rich source of stem cells

Your baby’s umbilical cord has the youngest and most active stem cells compared with other stem cell sources such as embryo, bone marrow, and peripheral blood.

Proven use in transplants

More than 80 diseases can potentially be treated with cord blood, and 60,000 transplants have taken place worldwide.

Untapped clinical potential

Researchers all over the world are learning how to use stem cells to treat more diseases and repair damaged tissue or organs.

Treatment options for the family

The stem cells you stored are a perfect match for your baby, and they could be used to treat other members of your family.

Readily available for a lifetime
Readily available for a lifetime

Stem cells can be kept indefinitely if they are properly stored, and you can retrieve them whenever you need them.


Trusted by more than 600,000 parents in Asia.

Hong Kong


21 Years of Experience
22 Years of Experience

Cordlife is the first cord blood bank in Singapore, and a leading industry player in Asia.

Proven Global Expertise
Proven Global Expertise

Cordlife has released more than 76 cord blood units to 21 healthcare institutions in 10 countries.

Cordlife Persada is Accredited Facility
Accredited Facility

PT Cordlife Persada, is ISO certified, and first cord blood bank in Indonesia to achieve global AABB accreditation.

Listed in Singapore Exchange
Listed on Singapore Exchange

We’ve strengthened our financial position to ensure that we’ll be here with you for a long time.

Cordlife Facilities in Asia
Seven Facilities in Asia

We own a network of stem cell cryopreservation facilities across Asia, and our facilities serve as back-up for one another in the event of an emergency.

Technology Pioneer
Technology Pioneer

We were recognised by the World Economic Forum for our contributions to the field of cellular therapy.

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PT Cordlife Persada becomes First Cord Blood Bank in Indonesia to Achieve Global AABB Accreditation