Cordlife Client's Testimionials

"Sebagai pekerja medis saya menyadari pentingnya mempersiapkan keluarga dengan investasi kesehatan untuk masa depan yang nyata hasilnya dan dapat dipercaya, stem cell therapy merupakan salah satu breakthrough teknologi pengobatan untuk solusi masalah kesehatan yg telah teruji secara klinis dengan tingkat keberhasilan yang menggembirakan. Cordlife menjadi pilihan saya karena Cordlife salah satu pelopor bank darah tali pusat yang terpercaya dan telah terakreditasi." 
Dr. Vitariana – Malang

"We stored our baby’s cord blood as we wish to give the best to our child and family. This investment is more than its monetary values as it’s a biological assurance for my child. Cordlife had provided me with the assurance and their professional service."
Jenny Kresnoto, Jakarta

"We had to wait almost four years before we were blessed with the gift of a pair of twin baby boy and girl.Seeing the increasing number of diseases, my husband and I decided to store the twins’ umbilical cord blood, not because it was a popular thing for expectant parents to do, but more as a form of health insurance for our family. All things are in the hands of God but it never hurts to be always ready…..

Many companies who offer cord blood storage, but almost all of them always say that is stored outside the country like Singapore, Netherlands. Only in Cordlife I was offered to save the umbilical cord in Indonesia with the same quality as good storage with outside storage. Also, Cordlife accept payment in Rupiah (IDR) which other companies state in U.S. dollar and then translated into Rupiah ( IDR ) which is a financial burden as we were expecting twins"
Angeline – Wimona

“ I realized the importance of health investment for my child because my husband’s family has a history of genetic diseases such as diabetes, liver, heart and others. I chose Cordlife because they have the world's highest storage standard, advanced technology , it is safe for me and my baby and no pain during the cord blood collection process.”
Denna Santoso

"In today’s world, you have to do this kind of insurance as this is like an investment. I was informed about cord blood banking benefits by Dr. Suresh in Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore. My husband and I thought about it and decided to enroll with Cordlife." 
Sneha Rajesh Jagtiani

"I decided to store my baby cord blood as my family has historical of blood disorder (leukemia). Besides, as a doctor, I heard that technology and the use of stem cell from cord blood is continue to develop. And I choose Cordlife because Cordlife is the most well known and experienced compared to others”.  

Dr. Adelia & Dr. Subiyanto
"I chose Cordlife because Cordlife is one of the biggest cord blood bank in Indonesia and certified from Indonesian Ministry of Health, so I trusted my child’s cord blood with Cordlife.”  
Dr. Adelia & Dr. Subiyanto

"I stored my child’s cord blood and cord lining because I wanted give the best for my child and guarantee my child’s future health. I chose Cordlife because Cordlife is one of certified cord blood bank in Indonesia and has the best services in Indonesia.” 
Mrs. Natalia Hasibuan
Mrs. Natalia Hasibuan

Mrs. Liong Ling Lie
"Why don’t we store the cord blood? Especially, it turned out the technology can be used near Indonesia, like in Singapore and Taiwan. Last update information I received, that now the technology is being developed in Indonesia. So my husband and I decided to store my child’s cord blood and cord lining in Cordlife.”  
Mrs. Liong Ling Lie