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Why Cordlife
Why Cordlife

Most Advanced Technology

Sepax®2 - Fully Automated Cord Blood Processing System

Stem cell isolation is a critical step in cord blood banking. It affects the number of stem cells that can be harvested or recovered from the cord blood. Cell recovery rates are critical because a higher number of stem cells could enhance the success of the transplant or treatment.

That's why Cordlife upgraded from processing cord blood manually to using a fully automated cord blood processing technology to help you maximize your investment. Cordlife is the only cord blood bank in Singapore that offers the world's most preferred fully automated cord blood processing technology, known as Sepax®2.

Sepax®2 is a Swiss-made and U.S. FDA-cleared device offers safe and sterile technology to recover as high as 99.88%1 of stem cells* from cord blood. The system is functionally closed which ensures the sterility of the cord blood by eliminating exposure to air contaminants.

Sepax Technology

Main benefits of Sepax®2

Recovers as high as 99.88%1 of Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) from cord blood; up to 57%2 higher than other processing methods

Consistently high yields, independent of operator skills

No sample mix up, only one cord blood unit per processing cycle

No cross contamination with other samples

Highly sterile

1 Cordlife’s actual data as of 6 September 2017
2 Valeri et al., Transfusion 1996; 36: 303-8.
*Total Nucleated Cells